Our Design Philosophy: Your home should look, feel and function like you…it should not be a concept of someone else’s design! At Harmonique we work with you to identify your lifestyle, your interests and your personal design style. From this we can develop and execute a plan to create the dream look for your home that reflects your personality…within your budget.

How to Prepare to work with a Designer: Before you begin a design project of any scope, ask yourself (and answer!) 3 important questions:

  1. What are the three adjectives I would use to describe the feeling I want in this room? It might be “inviting, warm and cozy” or “sleek, clean and modern” or “wild, loud and crazy”! These adjectives set the tone for the look, feel, furnishings and colors of your new room…

  2. What do I love about this room now that I want to keep in it? This helps identify how the room is functioning now. The answers will define things like: Is the furniture right for the use of the room? Are the colors pleasing? Is there enough light both natural and artificial? Is there enough storage, seating or work space?

  3. What do I want to change about this room and why do I want to change it? Be honest here…is it time to get rid of those boxes of old magazines from 1985 to 1990? Is it time to get rid of that old desk my Uncle Ned gave you when you went off to college? If this one is hard for you, get some help from a close friend who will be honest with you and help you let go of the past and be ready for a change!

Now that you have a concept in mind, spend some time with a few current design magazines that might have ideas of colors, design lines or even the future perfect look for your room and start building a dream file. Clip out pages that have colors you like, furniture you like, or just a feeling in a room that you like. Armed with your idea file and the answers to the 3 important questions, you are prepared to communicate what you like and why. Now you are ready to sit down with a designer from Harmonique and discuss your dreams! Give us a call…the first hour consultation meeting is free, so let’s get together and create your dream home!

What Scope of Projects does Harmonique do? We do projects as small as a color consultation when you are painting a room, and as large as a remodel of an entire home. Our fees are charged on an hourly basis, and determined at the inception of our work as defined by a project plan. Be sure to think about how much you want to spend on your design project and communicate that clearly to your design team. Good design is available at any price, but we will be honest with you about what the costs are to execute your desires.

Browse through our portfolio to see the different types of homes…from classic and classy to sleek and contemporary. It’s your style, not ours, that defines the results!